Monday, April 25, 2011

Velcro Brand Fabric Fusion Tape 3/4X5'-White

Heat-activated adhesive fastener bonds permanently with no sewing-actually strenghthens with washing! High-tech adhesive cross-links with fabric to ensure lasting attachment even with washing. Works on most fabrics including cotton and blends polyester fleece suede canvas and more. Perfect for fabrics that are thick or difficult to sew and for making quick repairs. Ideal for creating no-sew decor clothing costumes and seasonal accents...


  • Velcro(R) Fabric Fusion Tape is a great way to permanently bond Velcro(R) to fabric.
  • Use it on cottons, cottons blends, polyester, fleece, suede, canvas, denim, nylon and more.
  • It is ideal for creating no-sew decor, clothing, costumes and seasonal accents. 3/4 Inch x 5' White

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